Sam Fabbrini was born in the Vatican city ,Rome , Italy in January 1973 , 

 moved with her parents to Venezuela in 1976 and returned to Italy in 1978, 

 her Father was a keen scuba diver who tragically drowned at sea in Santa Severa , Italy in may 1979.

All Sam's education was here in England where she spent most of tha teenage years. 

she would go on holidays every year to her family in Italy, who worked in the fur fashion industry.

She learned to use a sewing machine and make clothes, working with all fabrics including fur and leather. 

When Sam was 16 ,She went back to Italy to work with her family . 

but returned a year later as England was her home.

 Sam got herself into many situations , became homeless , which lead to drugs and crime !

 and in 1993 went to HM prison ,

 did a city and guilds in Dressmaking and Pattern making while she was in H.M.P Askham Grange ,Yorkshire

with a fresh start ,

I Reformed my New life,

by 25 a mother to 3 children! ... Atillia ,Francais and Maisi 

 continued to make use of my dressmaking skills 

decorating and diy

i luv up-cycling and creating something from nothing 

i recycle everything possible into my garden

where i have hand sewn and celloptaped a large gazebo

transforming the garden into my Creative studio

learned how to use a computer for editing my artwork

Created Atiframai in 2007 , inspired by her 3 daughters .....

and in 2011 started  Atiframai Limited,